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Lots of people don’t go skydiving just once. After that first time skydiving, many people are hooked on that feeling of freedom. For your very first jump, you will be diving tandem. This is always the case. And for that first time, you’ll be very glad that another person is there with you. After this jump, you’ll have another goal to achieve: your first time skydiving alone!

What Happens During Your First Time Skydiving?

A tandem parachute jump is still thrilling. You will still get that freefall experience. However, you will be strapped to a highly experienced instructor who has conducted many, many jumps on their own. You will have multiple parachutes to rely upon. As a first time jumper, you will likely take a brief training course before your first jump. This typically lasts an hour or more. During this time, you’ll listen to specific instructions and you’ll have the chance to get any of your questions answered.

Everyone does tandem skydiving for their first jump. You will still get so many feet of freefall before the instructor pulls the chute. The tandem freefall typically lasts between 45 and 60 seconds. After the parachute is pulled, you’ll float down to the ground for about four minutes. It’s not until you jump alone that you will control when the parachute is released to slow your fall. You may be required to take multiple tandem jumps before you can jump alone.

The time and effort you put into skydiving, however, is well worth it. Many skydivers will tell you that there’s just nothing like it. Skydiving is an adventure like no other that’s full of adrenaline and pulse-pounding thrills.

How to Go Skydiving

Whether it’s your first time skydiving or you’re an experienced jumper, you’re going to need a place to go skydiving. Look for a skydiving center in your local area to find out what’s available and get a good look at your options. It’s likely that there are multiple skydiving options for tandem skydiving, first time skydiving, and experienced jumpers.

Use the internet to find “skydiving near me.” It’s likely that you’ll find a skydiving center near your closest local airport. This does not always mean large national or international airports. Many skydiving facilities are located close to smaller airstrips that largely cater to private planes. You may not even be aware of the smaller airports in your area and all the skydiving centers that are actually available to you.

Go to the facility, talk to the instructors, and have a look around. Talk to the instructors there to learn more about your first tie skydiving and when they have time available for the necessary training session and the resulting jump that will happen after. Often, you can do your training and then do your jump all on the same day, within hours.

After your first time skydiving, you may become hooked on this incredible thrill as so many people do. After your tandem jump, you’ll be ready to embark on many more high-flying, freefall adventures!