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Are you ready to cross skydiving off your bucket list? As a first time jumper it is perfectly normal to be apprehensive but don’t let it stop you. When you tell people that you plan on parachuting out of a plane, you may get some mixed reactions, but don’t let that stop you either.

Everyone that has taken the step to skydive in Tampa comes away with the same feelings of exhilaration. It is a feeling that is hard to duplicate. Following some of the pro tips for your first time skydiving can help you prepare to be a first time jumper.

Everyone Was a First Time Jumper At One Time

Every person that you ever meet that enjoys skydiving was the first-time jumper at some point including the professionals at the skydiving center. Every instructor that you meet has been in your shoes at some point, and they know exactly how you feel.

Ask All the Questions You Want

You do not have to feel like you are asking too many questions, or that your hesitation is not understood. Skydiving is a great sport, but it is understood even by the experts, that it is an odd behavior to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, and it is normal to be apprehensive.

The pros recommend that you ask as many questions as you need to, to fully understand the process. It will help to quell your nerves a bit.

Dress for Success

It can get chilly up at about 13,000 feet (the typical altitude for skydiving) even when the ground temperatures are nice and warm. Being dressed right can help to enhance your experience. The pros suggest that you wear comfortable clothing like what you would wear to the gym to work out.

Jumpsuits will cover up what you are wearing, it is best not to wear bulky clothing for comfort. Leggings and t-shirts are great or sweatpants are also a good option.

Don’t Overdo the Meal Before You Jump

A huge breakfast or lunch is strongly discouraged. According to the pro’s you just do not want to load up on food in case of the flight tugs on your stomach a bit. Light fare is best. Besides you want to leave room for that celebratory meal when you get back down to earth.

Trust Your Instructor

It is important that you follow what your instructor tells you to do. Trust that your instructor is highly qualified and is focused on making sure you have the time of your life and are safe throughout.