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Jump Florida is a known skydiving school in Florida. We at Jump Florida are a team of skydiving experts who are well-read and experienced in the field and have trained thousands of aspirants all across the US. We excel in Tampa, Tandem and Orlando Skydiving. However, before you approach us or any other skydiving school in town; you must know a few things about skydiving and its eligibility. A few of these are listed below: 

For the first time jumper we offer a Tandem Skydiving as the safest way for you to get into the sky! You must be at least 18 years of age and under 230 lbs.


Before you pull-up your socks for Tandem skydiving, you must know that you need to be at least 18 years or above. Though skydiving is done with exert guidance but it is still risky and before you practice this sport you must be an adult so you take the own-ness of your decision.


To try this adventurous sport you must be less than 230 lbs; like all other sports tandem skydiving can be done easily by fit and active people, quite healthy or obese people may find it tedious and difficult.


Before you practice any risky sport, psyching yourself is very important. It not only helps you to enjoy the sport but also allows you to play with confidence.  

Awareness and Guidance

We at Jump Florida guide you with all ifs and buts pertaining to skydiving and the risk factors involved. Before you jump we give you complete guidance and teach you how to hold the harness and how to position yourself while jump, proper position while jumping from the plane and other important things.

Where to Hunt

Whether you approach us or any other skydiving school in Florida, you must log in at the United States Parachute Association website and list out the licensed skydiving schools in the city and then make the first move of approaching them.

Bring Spectators

While you go for your first tandem skydiving, you must bring your family and friends along. They will help in keeping your assets (watch, mobile phone, laptop, jewellery and other belongings) safe, cheering you up before and while you jump, and also in taking your video while you enjoy your once in a lifetime experience. And since we are located on a private airport, there are no worries about any commercial air traffic while you jump. For more information visit- https://www.jumpfloridaskydiving.com