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Tandem Jumpers, no need to worry if you are jumping for the first time. Here at Jump Florida Skydiving you will receive all the training necessary to relax and enjoy your first skydive. Your USPA certified instructor will teach you everything you need to know for your first jump and they will be with you the entire time before and during your skydive. We have mind blowing facilities where you can hang out with your friends making a complete day of your experience.

The best destination DROPZONE in Florida is Jump Florida Skydiving which is close to Orlando and Tampa FLorida

If you want to dive your age must be at least 18 years and less than 230lbs. You will be attached into one tandem instructor once you get into the flight he will be with you through the dive and guides you to easy landing on the flexible belly of a beached whale. Tandem parachuting is not a single person show where you can get your family, friends to watch your diving the best videos of your diving you can show it your friends that you did it. We will provide best rooms to stay with good facilities. After a dive you will feel like you are an experienced skydiver.

Our employees will be very friendly you feel comfortable with us and we are regulated with United States ParachuteAssociation (USAP)with highly qualifiedlicensed staff and we have a separate private landing area so no reason to worry about landing there will be no traffic. Tandem skydiving is located in different places like Tampa, Orlando, Florida, Ocala, Gainesville and all other surrounding areas people will come from far places just to jump with us!

Safety is our first priority. We have best trainers and there are different heights, the price differs from feet to feet. The best destination DROPZONE in Florida is Tandem Florida Skydiving .If you are ready to jump and if you want to show your friends how good you are in diving then call us at: 1-888-313-JUMP

Call us today and make reservations with best prices offered instructor will be there through the flight and 24hours cancellation notice period required.If you want to become an experienced skydiver the instructors will give you basic and fundamental ground school training for 5-6 hours and there will be 7 jumps in this 2 jumps instructors will be along with you and remaining 5 jumps will be done by you with our trainer.The skydive will start with 11,000ft, 14,000ft, 15,000ft and ends with ultimate special tandem 18000ft with special deals and also in spring special prices are there and price differs for experienced jumpers with best video, photo packages.